Labas (en. Hello),


She is Kamile. He is Lukas. Together we are passionate travellers and explorers. We have already visited 37 countries in 5 different continents!


Kamile was born in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius, while Lukas was born in a beautiful countryside in the south of Lithuania.  Kamile lived and studied in South Korea, while Lukas did the same in Mexico.


While travelling around the world and collecting experiences abroad, we understood how important it is to have a local person by your side. That is why we came back to Lithuania, to the country we know best. We want to show the hidden gems of our country for YOU.

We are different - we show you the real Lithuania.

We offer authentic experiences, show you unique places, naked nature, organize active outdoors and make sure you can experience Lithuania like a local.

Vilnius capital city and Iron Wolf!


We love the magnificent history of our country and cities. We both love the city we live in - Vilnius. The city has a very old and beautiful legend about a dream of the Grand Duke Gediminas. The dream was about the iron wolf, which became the alternate city symbol. That's why we have the iron wolf in our logo.